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Issue 2 

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Authorized Generics,
the Brand-Identical Generic

As the generic marketplace continues its steady growth, patients are requiring more of your time to explain product characteristics. Wouldn’t you like a generic option that provides the identical experience as the brand? Why not save yourself valuable time and explanations during the generic conversion process by simply offering your patients an Authorized Generic? 

Authorized Generics are prescription drugs produced by brand companies under a New Drug Application (NDA) and authorized to be marketed as generics under private label.  Prasco Authorized Generics are identical in size, shape, color, taste, smell, mouth feel, active ingredients, and unlike a typical generic, the Authorized Generic has the identical inactive ingredients as the brand. With a Prasco Authorized Generic, you and your patients can rely on the brand identical experience.

Authorized Generics are growing in popularity and preference with your patients. With Authorized Generics, you can avoid lengthy explanations about product characteristics and provide your customers with the identical product experience as they would have with the branded product.

Through the distribution of Prasco Authorized Generics, consumers receive the brand quality they have come to expect at the lower generic prices. This is the reason 87% of consumers want the option of taking an Authorized Generic version of a prescription drug that is produced by the brand company.1

With over 90% of consumers expecting their pharmacist to tell them when an Authorized Generic version of a generic prescription drug is available,1 Prasco makes it easy to provide your customers with the option they prefer.

Enjoy the benefit of saving valuable time by simply explaining the facts — the brand and the Prasco Authorized Generic are identical.
1 Roper National Poll. Data on file at Prasco, LLC.


Authorized Generics

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